Phek Tourism

Phek in Nagaland possesses extreme scenic beauty. The area of Phek is a hilly one rich in flora and fauna. Phek is surrounded by lush greenery and natural vegetation. The natural beauty of the place helps it in becoming an important tourist spot in Nagaland. Tourist coming to Phek can visit three important lakes here namely Shilloi, Chida and Dzudu. These lakes are one of the major attractions of Phek. The important places of tourist interest in Phek are:

Shilloi lake, PhekShilloi Lake

Shilloi lake is also called Latsam. It is located near Ponkhuri village at Meluri. The lake borders Myanmar. The lake area has been developed by the Department of Tourism of Nagaland. It is co-owned by Ponkhuri and Latsum village. Shilloi lake lies on the lower slopes of the hills ranges running along the Myanmar ridges. It is situated 275 km from Kohima. The lake spreads over an area of 0.25 – 0.30 sq km. It is surrounded by tall hills.


The Shilloi lake has a history behind it. It is said that a couple once lost their baby girl. The whole village started to look for the baby. While searching they found the baby lying on a leaf in the middle of a lake. A hand supported the baby from below. The villagers however could not rescue the baby. They slaughtered a buffalo to commemorate the loss. However, the next morning to their shock the villagers saw the buffalo grazing near the lake. They were now satisfied that the child was not dead and it still lived. They believed that the child became the queen of the lake as was called Latsam. According to another legendary story associated with the lake, a spirit disguised herself as a beautiful lady and lured young men to her. The young men who went to the lake disappeared. The lake was believed to be the abode of the spirits and so people never went near the lake. However, today the lake is one of the attractions of the Phek town.


The most striking feature of the Shilloi lake is that it is of the shape of a footprint. This aspect of the lake makes it a wonder to look at. The lake is known for its evergreen beauty. It is surrounded by pine forests and sea weeds along the bank. To the nature lovers the natural beauty of the lake is like a paradise. The atmosphere around the lake remains serene and calm.  It is also an important area of bird watching for tourists. Miigratory birds like crane and geese could be spotted here in winter months. The lake is also home to a variety of fishes as well. There are watch towers and boating facilities available in the lake area for tourists. Hunting is strictly prohibited around the lake area.
The best time to visit the lake is during the month of November to March. Birds could be spotted in the lake during the winter months.

Dzudu lake/ Zanibu lake

Zanibu lake is the longest mountain range in Nagaland. The mountain is green/virgin and is rich in flora and fauna. There is one big lake which stretches nearly 1 km on the mountain range and the villagers call it Dzudu lake. The mountain range offers one to have a clear view of Mt Everest and parts of Nagaland from here. The place is ideal for trekking, bird watching and sight seeing.


It is a block headquarters in Phek district. Pfutsero has the distinction of being the coldest town in Nagaland. The temperature dips to below zero degrees during the winter months. It is the highest altitude town in Nagaland. The town is also the commercial hub of Phek district since it is located in the heart of Phek. The people of the town are Christians. The Baptist Theological College in Pfutsero is one of the oldest and best Theological colleges in Nagaland. Pfutsero is one of the important places of tourist attractions of Phek. It is inhabited  by the Khezhas and Chokris. The best time to visit the town is during the months from  October- April. During April the important festivals are celebrated in the village. National Highway 155 passes through Pfutsero. There are many waterfalls in and around Pfutsero town.

Khezakenoma Village

This is the originating place of many of the southern Naga tribes. According to legends there is a slab of stone in the place which used to multiply paddy when spread over it for drying. The stone is still preserved by the village community.

Lodiri (Rhododendron Trek)

This mountain range is full of  Rhododendron flowers.

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